Newborn photography is different from any other type of photography.  The person you hire should be skilled and experienced in the handling and care of newborns as well as the photographic craft. Shopping on price alone can often be a huge mistake and we have seen many a parent come to us after having already made that mistake, wasting both time and money because they are unhappy with the images they received after hiring "the cheaper photographer".  Newborns sessions can only be captured during the first two weeks of life for the best results, so time is fleeting and we hope that you will take careful consideration in who you hire. Your newborn session takes much time, skill, patience, and hours of work after your session is completed to bring you the final product which will bring a lifetime of memories. Some questions to ask when considering which photographer to hire:

• Does the photographer specialize in newborns? (those that do not specialize will obviously have much less experience in working with newborns).
• How much experience does this photographer have with newborns? (A photographer who states that they specialize in newborns may still be very new to the craft. A good question to ask is "how many newborns do you work with per year" and "how many years have you been working with newborns").
• Do I love this photographer's style? (is the photographer's style consistent in their portfolio of work, or do they simply have a few shots that you like?  A consistent portfolio tells you that the photographer is without a doubt capable of creating the same type of images at your session. You should see a minimum of 30-40 consistent images in a portfolio, of all different babies. Also check the photographer's blog and Facebook page. Inconsistency is a sure sign of inexperience, which means that the photographer may not be able to produce images in the same style as the few that you see shown).
• Most importantly, is this photographer running a legitimate business? Are they licensed and insured? Yes, this factor will increase the price of your session, however, it is extremely important that the person you hire is doing business the right way, for more reasons than we can list here. Simply having a dSLR camera does not a professional make.

Wendy Kovac has been photographing newborns for nearly 10 years, and holds a bachelors degree in Studio Art.  She typically works with 50+ newborns per year, using only the highest quality professional lighting and camera equipment.  She has studied under some of the nations top newborn photographers one on one, is fully licensed and insured and is a member of the Professional Photographers of South Carolina and the Professional Photographers of America.

Fine Art Newborn photography from a skilled artist is a luxury and something to be saved for. If it is not readily within your budget, we are happy to arrange a payment plan. You may also "register" with us and inform friends and family that they may gift your session as shower or baby gift. Please contact us for pricing details. We would love to capture this time in your life!